Message from Our President

At Detroit Cristo Rey, we are celebrating 15 years of offering an excellent co-educational, college preparatory, Catholic education to the most potential-filled and hardworking youth of any faith in the city of Detroit. All are welcome!

We see ourselves creating access to and participation in life-changing experiences in faith, academics, professional work, service and personal growth that help Detroit’s youth realize a lifetime of success on their journey to, through and beyond college. Our students develop core qualities that serve them a lifetime:

  • D: Dignity & Discipline
  • C: Character & Compassion
  • R: Respect & Responsibility

Our Strategic Plan refocuses us on mission vitality and sustainability:

  • Welcoming to all with a strong sense of belonging regardless of faith, race, gender or other uniqueness
  • High levels of engagement from students, families, faculty, staff, job partners, trustees, benefactors and the community
  • Enrollment, staffing, development, work study jobs and board membership all at levels that enable success
Chris Lynch, President of Detroit Cristo Rey HS

Our plan also refocuses us on student formation grounded in Catholic educational values. These are supported by the basics of the Cristo Rey model: Academic Excellence, Corporate Work Study and College Success!

The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is the most distinctive feature of the Cristo Rey academic and sustainable business model. The school’s academic program is complemented with one day per week of real-life work experience in many of the finest businesses and organizations in metro Detroit. The CWSP Partners are a vital part of this unique student-centered learning experience. Our CWSP functions as a channel, supplying diverse, qualified workers who are developing the right skills to succeed in college and assume the challenging jobs of the future.

We are proud that each graduating class since the school opened has achieved 100% college acceptance!  Our graduates continue graduating from college at two to three times the national average! Our alumni currently study at Yale, Notre Dame, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Loyola of Chicago and many other outstanding schools.

We are blessed to be part of the Cristo Rey Network, one of 40 schools utilizing one of the most exciting and innovative models of education in the country. We dare to dream big!

Please contact me to learn more about our incredible students and school.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Christopher J. Lynch
President, Detroit Cristo Rey High School

Detroit Cristo Rey High School students and teachers
DCR students

Our Mission

Detroit Cristo Rey High School provides an excellent college-preparatory Catholic high school education, in the Cristo Rey model, to students with limited economic resources in Detroit. The school emphasizes faith, morals and service to the community. Through its Corporate Work Study Program, the school fosters skills and attitudes important in the workplace, such as responsibility, determination and respect for self and others.

In the finest tradition of Catholic outreach, we welcome families of all denominations. With a challenging and supportive college preparatory program, we equip students with the core knowledge and competencies needed for college and the workplace. Our ultimate goal is to enable students to gain the skills to be successful in life and the commitment to make a difference in their families, their neighborhoods and the world.

Our Vision

Creating access to and participation in life-changing experiences in faith, academics, professional work, service and personal growth that help Detroit’s youth realize a lifetime of success on their journey to, through and beyond college.

Mission Effectiveness Standards

The Mission Effectiveness Standards articulate the shared mission and identity of the Cristo Rey Network of schools. Taken as a whole, these Standards establish the intent to which schools agree to operate, and by which they can fulfill their mission and empower students to succeed in college and life as productive, faith-filled individuals.

A Cristo Rey School:

  1. Is explicitly Catholic in mission and enjoys Church approval.
  2. Serves only students with limited economic resources and is open to students of various faiths and cultures.
  3. Is family centered and plays an active role in the local community.
  4. Prepares all students to enter and graduate from college.
  5. Requires participation by all students in the Corporate Work Study Program.
  6. Integrates the learning present in its work program, classroom and extracurricular experiences.
  7. Has effective administrative and board structures, and complies with applicable state and federal laws.
  8. Is financially sound.
  9. Supports all students in accessing and persisting through colleges that match their achievements, needs and ambitions.
  10. Is an active participant in the Cristo Rey Network.
DCR student speaking at an event

Core Educational Beliefs

The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Congregation of St. Basil foster excellence in education by urging commitment to these deeply held beliefs:

Gospel Values

We measure personal success in life through the ability to make decisions in the light of Gospel values and global realities.


We serve God, one another and our greater community and uphold human dignity when we act on behalf of justice.


We appreciate and respect the unique qualities each individual contributes as we share a commitment to the liberating mission of Jesus, through a special focus on those who are poor, abandoned or oppressed.


We develop a Christian community that nourishes a positive learning atmosphere marked by a profound respect for each human being and an acceptance of all persons.

Integrated Learning

We prepare students for advanced achievements in college by embracing a holistic educational process that provides a well-rounded education and integrates an array of opportunities including the fine arts, an extensive technology program, and wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Right Relationships

We share a commitment to eradicating the causes of oppression, marginalization and injustice through an inclusive perspective that invites all to demonstrate their full human dignity.

Care for Creation

We work to develop an ecological consciousness that challenges all to recognize the interconnectedness and interdependence of all Creation and nurtures relationships that protect our common home.

Statement in Support of an Inclusive Community at Detroit Cristo Rey

Basilian Fathers Crest
IHM Sisters Logo

The Basilian Fathers and the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary affirm the efforts of Detroit Cristo Rey to be a welcoming and diverse community. We encourage and support opportunities to learn, teach and discuss the challenges surrounding race, sexual orientation, gender identity and ethnicity, as we demonstrate a caring response and examine the complex issues within the context of Detroit Cristo Rey as a Catholic secondary school. In the finest tradition of Catholic outreach, we welcome students of all faiths. The ultimate goal of a Detroit Cristo Rey education is to form students in Gospel values and to enable students to gain the skills to be successful in life with a commitment to make a difference in their families, their neighborhoods and the world.

Updated November 2023

Detroit Cristo Rey Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

Detroit Cristo Rey High School, recognizing the dignity of each human being, collaborates with our community and partners to foster an education that assists in the alleviation of poverty, the promotion of justice, and the empowerment of the individual. Rooted in Catholic values, our work is our hopeful response to the historic and systemic inequity that limits the full and unhindered realization of the human potential inherent in all communities.

Detroit Cristo Rey commits to:

  • Seeking, embracing, and celebrating diversity at all levels by building a team that is reflective of the communities we serve
  • Continuously improving our organizational health by practicing policy and procedures that provide an equitable, engaging and rewarding experience for all staff members
  • Welcoming varied religious expressions and non-expressions as valuable to our community

We live out our commitments by recognizing our own implicit and explicit biases, creating structures for open dialogue and opportunities for growth, and collectively assessing our organizational progress.