Supporting Our Students
Through College & Beyond

Detroit Cristo Rey High School prides itself in getting DCR students to and THROUGH college.

It is through the Alumni Advisor that Cristo Rey alumni have multiple opportunities and resources to succeed not only in college but in their lives in general. The Office of Alumni Advising assists more than 700 alumni. The Alumni Advisor is a welcome point of contact for all DCR graduates, making personal outreach to individual students to address any social, financial, academic or emotional challenges they might have.

Before they are alumni, DCR seniors are introduced to alumni culture during their second-semester senior year by having a once-a-week College Readiness class. They are taught about the realities of what happens after graduating from high school. Class topics include campus life, budgeting, personal safety, microaggressions, resources and college registration.

DCR Alumni Benefits

  • Continued help with financial aid applications
  • Alumni programming and events
  • On-campus college visits
  • Access to the Cristo Rey Network National Alumni Association
  • Access to platforms that offer internships and job opportunities

Alumni Resources

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Alums! Fill out our alumni contact form so we can keep you up to date on DCR alumni news and help connect you to jobs, scholarships or other opportunities. Your answers will also assist current students in how we develop college curriculum.

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Your transformative story about your DCR experience brings our education to life for prospective students, families, corporate partners and our community. If you’d like to share your story, please fill out our Alumni Spotlight form. Your answers will be crafted into an article about your DCR experience for our website, social media and other platforms.

Emergency Funding

If you require financial assistance to help further your education, fill out this one-time alumni emergency fund application. Aid is not guaranteed.

Questions? Email Carina Garza at or call 313-405-9104.

Alumni Spotlights: Their Views, Their Voices

Jasmine Kendrick, DCR Alum

Jasmine Kendrick

Jasmine Kendrick, a 2012 Detroit Cristo Rey graduate, shared her DCR experiences and her focus on giving back.

The Invaluable DCR Preparation for College Life & Work Life

I was given ample opportunity to learn and grow as a professional by being able to learn real world experience in work settings. I learned how to be resilient, self-sufficient and organized in tasks.

The work I do now is rooted in service to the community. It was always a goal of mine to give back in some way, and for me it was giving back to children who endured the loss of a loved one as I did. DCR values the importance of returning back to the community, as it first lifted and held us up as we went through our journeys. It’s only right to return the favor.

What Defines the DCR Work Study Program

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I felt ready on day one! I loved all of my job sponsors and truly gained some phenomenal relationships and have been able to maintain these networks even now.

Top Takeaways from the DCR Experience

Having supports both inside and outside the classroom truly makes for a well-rounded individual. The information and expertise you gain is invaluable; you’ll always be competitive! I am grateful for not only the opportunity, but the many who molded us into being.

An Education Like No Other

Do yourself a huge favor and invest in your future. DCR will prepare you like no other, and what you might not see as a benefit now will definitely be a gift later on.

Fidel Marquez, DCR Alum

Fidel Marquez

Fidel Marquez, a 2021 Detroit Cristo Rey graduate, explained his views on responsibility and the lasting connections he’s made.

Preparing for Life Through the DCR Experience

Detroit Cristo Rey encouraged me to network with my bosses at my jobs throughout my high school education and brought me better communication skills.

Faith, Morals & Service to the Community at DCR

As I started volunteering at Cadillac Urban Gardens on Merritt Street, I realized I was providing a service for a greater purpose which brought me back toward my passion of film and media. Working with many great people at this garden encouraged me to get out my comfort zone.

Building Knowledge, Skills & Self Confidence Through the DCR Corporate Work Study Program

I encourage the incoming prospects of DCR to network as much as possible. It might be frightening to speak to someone you haven’t met before, but essentially that person can potentially lead you to your career path. Some advice I give to the new high schoolers is “if you’re comfortable, you are doing something wrong, but if your uncomfortable then you’re doing something right.”

A Life-Long Sense of Gratitude

I’m grateful for the Corporate Work Study Program as well as the staff members. A lot of the staff members at Cristo Rey were really encouraging us to pursue our passions and to be proud of being from Hispanic descent. Building relationships made my high school experience better.

Lucas Springfield, DCR Alum

Lucas Springfield

Lucas Springfield, a 2023 Detroit Cristo Rey graduate, explained his views on responsibility and the lasting connections he’s made.

Preparing for Life Through the DCR Experience

DCR prepped me for college through the freedom we were given, as I was able to replicate the freedom at college and how responsibility needs to be present. My work experience focused on building a sense of time that was set aside for work — and only work — so I could focus on what I needed to do.

From the Corporate Work Study Program to college advising and the creative teachers, DCR helped me become real-world ready.

Faith, Morals & Service to the Community at DCR

I would say the service hour system is a great example of how I have lived with this emphasis, because the work I did was not only for me but also to help other people.

Building Knowledge, Skills & Self Confidence Through the DCR Corporate Work Study Program

My experience with the Corporate Work Study Program was something I will never forget as I got the chance to meet new people and make lasting connections.

A Life-Long Sense of Gratitude

As a graduate, I am grateful that I can always have somewhere to turn to when things get tough.